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superb work, with color, light, flow, motion and a sense of calm. the flowing fabric creates that direction and leads the eyes. the blo...

amazing, just amazing. The details, the imapact of the sword, the term art carries motion and emotion. wow all can be found in this pie...

wow amazing, makes me want to go on holiday. the tne of the painting is consistent throughout and there is amazing level of detial from...

just a lovely piece of work. i am not a van Helsing fan but i can appreciate your artistic creativity. so the yellow hair is actually y...

wow just wow. something about this just brought back some great great childhood memories. that is when art is extremely special and exc...

this is so beautiful, i at a glance saw the tree and the small lake but i am just amazed by the whole concept. the tree texture, the gr...


Yellow Fox
Yellow fox, rank 6, trained for stealth and speed, She relies more on
precision and accuracy hence the shape of the blade, very few if any have ever lived to tell tales
of encounters with her in battle.
Its also inspired by David Paget :iconhappy-mutt:

This probably is  the 2nd last character i will upload for this month, i have to get back to illustrations,
environment design and portraits as I have become really rusty in those. Also planning to draw some wide shot illustrations,
anyway thank you for viewing.
Lone Ranger:
A modern cyberpunk samurai,
He is the rank 7 elite soldier. More versatile and relies on stealth and tactics of
the lost shinobi ways.
Able to blend and scout out for information.
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1 side of the coin
Artist | Professional | Varied
United Kingdom
thank you for visiting my gallery or home page.
feel free to look around.

If you are interested in commissions send me a note and we can discuss details.
Hello everyone, How are you guys doing?
I hope you guys are well with all that's going on.

I haven't written an journal on a long time, so I might be a bit rusty, so let me gather my thoughts and ideas
and see how I can organize them.

A lot has happened since I last wrote anything, I was extremely happy, finally Painting and drawing were no longer a battle against
myself and I was starting to get little bits here and there, I have stayed true to my belief, the more you practice, the better you get.
A lot of it is just that and not getting frustrated with slow progress, we all know that is a huge balder on a artists shoulder.
I think the problem of expectation and discontent with the output is not very helpful either.
It took the last few months of last year for me to see that the more time you spend, thinking, planning , making adjustments
well only make your tools sharper.
I had to put my own ego in a box, lock it up and hide the key, not throw away.

Often your looking into a vast empty sky and hope to find more inspiration, i found writing fun backstories or making up your own helps you come up with bag full of ideas.
Rather then doing what everyone does, i have been on that boat, its crowed and no one will notice a mouse.
So i am sticking to my guns, I have found a small formula  for, well at this point interesting art, I still have much to learn and nothing in world is certain and no formula is concrete.
I am still doing more and more art studying but color and composition now seem to be a easy fix, they are taking care of themselves.
Doing alot more gesture and figure drawings, mostly with flow.
It took some time, almost 8 months to finally get rid of bad habits like copying a figure like for like, borrowing colours from another palette.
but i am still learning to try new colours like pale green and bright oranges in the skin.
And now not only trying to render better but add more details but keep that artistic touch, paintings isn't photography.

 I have been having trouble with the battery of my laptop so, my laptop is now a Pc, and my tablet pen finally bit the dust so i am patiently waiting for a new graphic pen.
its been 34 days, so its been pen and paper for most of them days. but how long can you go just drawing the same poses over and over again with some adjustments.
at this point i have mastered the 3 quarter pose and standing poses. I know the time here i spend not painting digitally is time i can use doing something better and my neurons
for digital painting are getting repaired faster, I do wish I had some works or things to show but I sadly don't, I do have seven to eight works that are on hold, they will really be
of a better quality, When you don't have something, its often the thing you miss the most.

I see everyone uploading and sharing new works and i am just behind, but i suppose i can wait and get ready to work again.

take care everyone.
  • Listening to: U2- stuck in a moment.
  • Reading: other peoples journals and stupid stuff and rumors
  • Watching: The crystal maze from 1993
  • Playing: NO games for me.
  • Drinking: Plenty of water


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:party: Birthday cake  icon :tighthug:
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yeah, i havn't had the opportunity  to spend much time here these days, its usually in and out, plus a tone of work and DIYs.

my birthday was the same as always noting new, i went to work and did gym thats all.
plus I am staying away from superhero/ movie or comic book topics, just focusing on my on little journey.
hlwar Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2017
I understand that. Sometimes you gotta focus on yourself and your artwork, and Internet and dA tends to eat away too much of that time. Glad to see you're still working and uploading pieces though!

Yeah man, that's how my birthdays tend to be. The joys of adult life, eh? All work and no play. Hopefully the day was at least calm and good. I can also understand wanting to stay away from certain conversations and topics. Fans can be hostile with their opinions, especially with DC and all the new directions it's been going, and who needs to add more drama to their lives, you know? I admit, when Young Justice season 3 starts I'll likely "disappear" from social networks for the time, so I can watch it without popular fans' opinions being shoved in my face. I wanna enjoy it. ^^;
umbatman Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2018  Professional General Artist
yeah, have gotten used to now little to no attention.
I am just doing my little things one at a time, no hurry.
DCEU can do what ever they please and these fan boys can do what every they wan't i was alive
when the animated series, batman returnsm batman forever and the adventures of louis and clark was out so i don't care
much anymore.

I pack my gear and slowly wake way into the silent rain
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